FAQ's - frequently asked questions

- What do I need to bring with me ? 

Clothing suitable for painting, lunch, positive attitude and a big smile.


- What are we painting ? 

All students paint the same landscape or flower motive.

I teach the classes in a very easy to understand "step-by-step" method.


- What does it cost? 

The price for a 1 day class is € 70, including all the equipement you need

(paints, brushes, canvas, cleaning material, etc.).



- Where can I have lunch ? 

The easiest way is to bring your own lunch with you. The break is too short to have

lunch in a restaurant in the near town of Moncarapacho.



- Am I able to paint after a 1 day class ? 

Yes, with the proper Bob Ross painting equipment.



- May I bring myself my own painting stuff ? 

This is not necessary; your workstation is fully equiped.



- Can I buy the complete Bob Ross painting stuff in a nearby shop ? 

No, but I will give you the address.



- Who can join the classes ? 

The classes are open to anyone over 16 years; beginners, advanced or artistically undiscovered.



- How long are classes ? 

Normally about 6 hours, from 0930 – 1630 with a 1 hour lunch break.



- Where are the classes given ? 

In my studio for a maximum for 3 students at a time